Umpteen Uses
Small purchases: 
Because they're so light and compact you'll always have one on hand for that unplanned stop at the book store, convenience store, hardware store, etc.
Weekly grocery shopping:
The only bag on the market that is so compact you can keep a dozen in your car's glove compartment for your weekly grocery shopping and still have room to spare.
Work, school: 
 Great for carrying books, documents or your lunch to work or school.
Shoe bag: 
When winter deals us its ice, snow and slush, then we need to take a pair of shoes with us whenever we go out.  The Shopantuk performs brilliantly at this job!
Ideal aid for the traveler -- you can use them for packing your shoes and for keeping categories of clothes separate.  Of course, once at your destination, you'll want to have them on hand for your shopping! 

Often when traveling you want to express your thanks in a tangible way to some of the local people who have extended exceptional courtesy to you.  If a souvenir of Canada is what you have in mind, why not take a bunch of Shopantuks with you for that purpose? 

Picnics, beach: 
From now on, you'll even use your Shopantuks on picnics and at the beach.  You'll want to use them for carrying all your odds and ends and you'll find them ideal for towels and wet bathing suits.
A great gift idea for everybody and for all occasions. 
Conventions and trade shows:
Makes an excellent holder for handouts and documents. 

If you've ever been to such an event, you might have agonized over the thought of the waste that is generated at the end of the conference or show when all the document holders that were handed out get thrown out.  Not so when Shopantuks are distributed as document holders. 

Since a family can easily use 6 Shopantuk bags or more, it is very unlikely that the delegates or attendees will throw them out at the end of the event.  They'll keep them, use them and discover all the ways Shopantuks can benefit their lives. 

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