Life With Shopantuks 
Need to change:
Once we own a supply of Shopantuk bags, we find that shopping with re-usable bags requires modifying to a certain extent the way we do things. 
Planning for those unplanned purchases:
The first thing to do is to ensure that we have a Shopantuk at hand when it's needed.  I've taken the habit of reserving one pocket of my trousers for a Shopantuk bag.  A woman might want to reserve a corner of her hand bag for that purpose.  Before leaving home, I've taken the habit of automatically checking my pocket.  I have to admit that I forget sometimes.  That's why I also keep a spare bag in my briefcase, just in case. 
Being ready for the supermarket:
Furthermore, I keep a dozen or so bags in the glove compartment of my car for my weekly grocery shopping. This way I don't need to tie a string around my finger.
At the check-out counter in most stores:
Our entire world is geared towards the disposable bag.  When a sales clerk registers a sale, notice how their hand automatically reaches for a plastic or paper bag.  Once you become a Shopantuk user, you'll anticipate that movement.   And before the clerk can pick up a disposable bag, you'll tell them:  "Thanks, but I have my own shopping bag!"  One trick that works most of the time is to hand the clerk your Shopantuk before you hand them the items you're buying.  If you detect a puzzled look on their face, you can simply explain you'd like them to use your own ecological bag. 
At the supermarket check-out:
The safest way to ensure that the cashier doesn't start packing your groceries into disposable bags is to hand them your stack of Shopantuks ahead of time, before they start scanning your items.
No garbage philosophy:
It's so easy to follow the crowd and accept the complimentary bags that businesses hand out so freely and shamelessly!  It helps sharpen our determination if we adopt the principle that we must generate no garbage.  Just keep on repeating: 

Waste not, want not!
Thou shalt not waste a single bag!

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