Save the Planet?
We are all concerned about the state of the environment.  We are poisoning ourselves with our waste.  Many people would very much like to do something about it, but feel that the problem is too overwhelming or too complex for their actions to have any real effect. 

If that's the way you feel, there's no need to give up.  In fact, you as an individual can make a significant difference.  You can change your own ways so as to reduce your own impact on the environment.  You can choose to take a whole lot of small steps to reduce pollution.  You can write letters to your elected representatives asking them to legislate measures that are important to protect the environment.  You can influence your friends, your family, your community through example and dialogue.

On this web site you'll find out how Shopantuk bags can help you to cut down on your use of disposable bags.  Under Life With Shopantuks, you'll discover there are ways to make your conversion to reusable bags a little easier.

In the near future we will publish on this Web site, the Shopantuk Environment Corner where you'll find hundreds of tips on a whole lot of small measures to reduce your environmental impact.  By themselves, each of these efforts may be of little value for the good of the planet, but cumulatively, they can make an enormous difference.

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