What is a Shopantuk? How to Buy Bags

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Advantages:  Discover the special and unique qualities of the Shopantuk nylon bag
An Ecological choice: The Shopantuk bag, a good choice for the environment
Nylon vs. Cotton:A different point of view
Save $$:   How each Shopantuk bag can save you at least $26
Umpteen Uses:  A look at different ways you will be able to use your Shopantuk bags
Life With Shopantuks:  How you will be able to use your bags at the check-out counter, plus other tips
Save the Planet?:  It's the sum of lot of little steps that makes the difference
Pictures:  A look at the 15 "Species at Risk" pre-printed bags with a description of each animal
The Legend of Shopantuk: The story of the ancient origin of today's nylon Shopantuk bag
About CWF:  Why the Canadian Wildlife Federation work on species conservation is important